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Art Collection


Tributes to real and fantasy characters

authentic woman

The Vinter line is nothing more than a springboard to give life to this delightful and decisive collection that, through the tribute and the evocations to real or fantastic characters of the collective imagination, mainly underline the aspects of an authentic woman.

Sensuality, value, continuous resources, courage, wonder, care, attention, vanity but also versatility, irony, dynamism, provocation, strength, perseverance and weaknesses.

The evolution that we will see of Vitrizia, is a projection more and more linked to the immediate past such as the 60s / 70s with futuristic and steampunk hints, always remaining a sophisticated and romantic but disenchanted soul.The result is a design line with highly dynamic and practical crossover solutions.

Wear with feeling

feminine awareness

Tributes that are an invitation to think, to perceive, to declare and confirm.

Each hat tells a story and a meaning, tells, whispers or screams the perplexity of women. The creations tell the awareness of women’s values ​​with lightness and irony.

Fragility mixed with strength and disenchantment with great sensitivity.

The myths of the Costume and society, the Made in Italy and the collective imagination are then merged into a dynamic, contemporary and cosmopolitan image. VTRZ denies clichés if not for irony.

Thanks to this concept of fashion, the creations become an ironic, sensual and elegant game of modern feminine awareness.