Warm hands with lightness

The Fingerless

The gloves line is the direct consequence of Vitrizia’s headdress and it consolidates the style and the philosophy. Always and exclusively hand made in Italy, the product continues to be without competitors. Heated hands but, because of the activities that this nowadays busy life requires, fingers free!

So once it takes to look for the mobile, now searching in the phone book, a look at the socials, write a post, send an urgent message, now open the bag looking for things, among which of sure the wallet… creativeness reaches its higher level when marries functionality!

So despite eighteenth century long cuffs, bouclè, crystals and fringes, the style and the use remain contemporary and cosmopolitan, glamorous, brilliant and dinamic !

The long cuffs don't allow the cold to enter the sleeves of the coats also the Vitrizia gloves can reach the elbow for the short sleeved suits, they can be to the wrist, for the one who doesn't prefer the half measures, for those who love long-sleeved coats or want to continue wearing gloves indoors because they feel cold or ... just because they like them, choose the hand-warmers!

Discover the gloves that Vitrizia creates to continue playing with sensuality and irony, telling the story of a woman full of nuances!

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