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"V"inter Collection


Our winter collection

Moldable and customizable solutions

The VTRZ collections are interpretations of elegances of our past.

Creations are a measured, imaginative challenge but with knowledge ... rigor and amazement.

Adjectives of the Vinter collection, contemporary, warm, imaginative, elegant, practical, versatile.

The soft wool hand knitted, intersects to create new and ancient shapes, redesigning and proposing them with style and modernity. Warm and enveloping hat and gloves, never trivial, easy to store … they don’t change the shape!

The collection, even in its simplest forms, maintains its peculiarity, accompanying discrete women who want to continue to feel special, but also for exuberant women who are looking for their own dimension.


Soft wool hand knitted


The collection, even in its simplest shapes, retains its particularity, accompanying women who want to be discreet but also those who want to let people know how special they are.

Moldable and customizable solutions, decorations made of bouclè and crystals.

Flaps to roll up and frame female faces, singular and timeless bonnets warm hands and heads of young and youthful women.