Behind the brand VTRZ there is the designer Patrizia Visone, "Vitrizia" is the evident fusion between the name and the surname. The taste is the fusion between the distant family background and legacy (the Sartoria Visone, historical Neapolitan tailoring), the creativity and contemporary innovation of Patrizia.


The Style

Vitrizia is a contemporary Italian brand founded by the designer Patrizia Visone. The company creates and produces in an handmade format, knitted women's fashion accessories such as headgear and gloves. The creations exude carefree lightness, but also embody an air of assertive femininity. They are light, carefree, feminine creations and find inspiration from art, music, fairy tales, perfumes and sweets so, the creative plot follows the myths of Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton’s visions, music ( Pop / Rock / Synth / Punk / Ska sounds), the myths of costume and society that have gone through the made in Italy and Western culture linked to her territory, blending them into a contemporary and cosmopolitan image. Thanks to this fashion concept, creations become an ironic, sensual and sophisticated game of modern feminine awareness.


The VTRZ woman

Visionary and ambitious, sweet and aggressive, dynamic, romantic and disenchanted, ironic, decisive and versatile, weaknesses are opportunities, she is a unique woman but not alone, she is an accomplice and ally.


Business system and commitment

Creativity is eclectic and, despite having completed her studies in the fashion field, the experiences and interests of the designer Patrizia Visone, are really multiple. Only after having gained various experiences, the designer acquires entrepreneurial and determination awareness in the project named "Vitrizia". A project of creativity that is all-female for message, concept, structure and system, a project of awareness that leads her to the first love: "Fashion".

The handmade product once own by grandmothers and aunts, a unique and unrepeatable product, must become contemporary, dynamic and replicable. In the studio, the designer defines the prototype in a distribution work mode, asks its virtual audience time, attention and passion. The most motivated are formed and synchronized to the system. The work is then divided and distributed, only subsequently delivered in the studio, assembled and completed.

In the agreed time frame, the collaborators manage their work in the places and in the manner that suits them. It is a sort of optimizing the lost / free time, the hobby or the passion of women for “knitting”. It is the ancient choral and synergistic concept of work.



“I have a dream...” a little dream.

Obviously increase production and give the opportunity to many more women to wear Vitrizia, create opportunities for personalization, increase production in other areas too, how?

I imagine a living room open to the public in the center of the city, where to host and buy the time of less well-off women, give and receive positive life experience, create the opportunity for synergies, chances for future projects to be supported. A place to transform weaknesses through skills and abilities. A female network of personal and community growth.


Once upon a time

Patrizia Visone was born in Sydney ("A world upside down" cit. Alice in Wonderland), in the 60s, in a moment of great cultural ferment and transformation. Her family is a bespoke one: the great-aunt Elisa was a modist, while her grandfather Andrea with her great-uncle Saverio and later, her father Lello, gave life to the famous Sartoria Visone, "kept" in the archives of Italian Cultural Heritage [1] [2].

The fashion crafter and designer Patrizia Visone, founded the contemporary brand "Vitrizia" in 2016.