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In collaboration with WoW - Women on Women. London calls Naples

London calls Naples.

Keyword: Amazement, resulting from the WOW effect!

The result of our collaboration with WoW - Women on Women London: the WoW capsule.

The WoW capsule has been conceived as Urban Artwear and places the hat as an artistic object to be showcased on the street, in the city and makes the woman who wears it the undisputed protagonist, giving life to the hat.

A "return to reality, at its best" - as opposed to the virtual nature of the Instagrammable - in its artistic expression, interpreted by the everyday woman. For a woman with taste and an attraction to the artistic, to the point of wanting to feel at one with it, both wearing and interpreting it. Garments with a sophisticated yet versatile allure, with an even more international flavor for the female entrepreneur.

The fortress of determined and ironic women, in their daily life, at work and in society.

Four handmade designs - with charming variations - in the colours of the 4-season colour palette (spring, summer, autumn and winter).

If you are interested in a personalized consultation to discover your palette, Image Consultant, Stefania Bartolomei, member of “Wow- Womenonwomen”, will be happy to organise an appointment in person, in London, or online, to discover the colour or the combination of colours that makes you WoW.

Keyword: Amazement, resulting from the WOW effect!